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There can be many reasons you may be thinking about selling your home.  I understand that this process can be met with a variety of mixed emotions and feelings.  Sometimes this is a new adventure, a step-up, an exciting transition!  And sometimes selling your home can be related to circumstances outside of your control, or due to life events you maybe wouldn’t have chosen.  No matter what stage of your journey you’re going through right now, I am here to help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. 

“Having a real estate expert that is prepared and can answer all of my questions, but even more, who understands where I am at in my life, what I am expecting of this next step, this move…That’s the most important thing to me.”

– S.B. (seller)

how it works


Find Agent

Match with a trusted advisor for this journey.

Determine Price

Find a competitive price for your home with your Realtor.


Clean, declutter, decorate for viewings and pictures.

Listing & Marketing

Your Realtor will list your home on MLS, may have other marketing strategies, open houses etc.


Keep your calendar open and house clean to accommodate potential buyers.

Offers/Under Contract

Review offers. Choose the best one and enter into a legal contract  between you and the buyer.

Final Details

Time to pack, arrange your move, and finalize paperwork.


Congratulations!  You've sold your house!

5 Ways To Declutter Faster When Selling in Happyville, USA

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What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

One of the most important pieces to selling your home, is determining the current value. There are obviously many factors involved, but if you want to just get an idea of what your home might be worth, let me run a CMA for you (comparative market analysis).  It’s one of many tools I use to price homes, and I’m happy to do it for you at no charge!

Learn More About Selling

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Have Questions About Selling?

Check out our FAQs selling real estate in Happyville, USA.

The value of your home is tied to so many things that make up the real estate “market”.  External factors including politics, recession, unemployment, or more local events, policies, etc. effect the housing market significantly…..One of the biggest factors related to home value for our Colorado market is supply and demand.  We have many people wanting and needing homes in our beautiful state, and a pretty low inventory (for years now) and so this keeps our home prices higher than many other places.  It has kept us “insulated” from these external factors and kept our market higher than average.  That being said, as with any investment, things can go up and down. 

The important thing to consider however, is that this is a long-term investment.  While you wouldn’t watch the value of your stocks minute by minute, you don’t want to look at the value of your home month by month.  The average appreciation of middle income household homes over the last decade is 68%, or an average of just over $122k!!  So, while month to month, year to year you can see some dips, overall, real estate is an amazing and unmatched investment in terms of historical long-term appreciation! 



Timing the market can be tricky and scary.  The thought of selling your current home before you have found your new one, might sound daunting.  But I’m here to help you navigate this process.  We have an excellent strategy for buying and selling at the same time, and can talk through all of the pros and cons about your various options.  Bottom line is, though nothing comes without risks, it’s our job (and one that we have been very successful at for years) to make sure that you get the best price for your current home, pay the best price for your next home, and make the transaction as easy as possible.  Let’s chat!

A broker is your real estate agent or Realtor (a higher standard in terms of ethics training and a designation that I hold).  A broker is the person who will assist you in your real estate transaction, showing properties or listing your property, writing contracts, etc.  A broker has different responsibilities when they function as an “agent”.  In an “agency” relationship, they are a trusted advisor, a knowledgeable expert in the real estate market, and an advocate.  It is their job to serve you, to have your best interests at heart, to negotiate on your behalf and to guide you through the process.  When someone acts as your agent they have many fiduciary responsibilities, confidentiality responsibilities and must look out for your needs above all else.  Let’s chat more about how I can help you as your broker/agent!

This is a great question for your lender (let me get you connected with my favorites:).  But what I will say is, the loan process can move VERY quickly, IF you are prepared.  By this I mean, if you are “pre-qualified” things can get done in 30 days in most cases.  However, the biggest issue I see for most clients is that they don’t meet with a lender until they are “ready” to start looking for their new home, and then often times it turns out they aren’t actually “ready”.  By this I mean that sometimes there are issues on their credit that they were unaware of, there debt to income ration is slightly higher than allowed….any number of things can come up, and most of the time these issues can be pretty easily resolved, but it can often take some time.  So my suggestion is, if you are even just thinking about buying a new home, let’s chat.  I can help you with the real estate side and get you set up and prepared on my end, and I will connect you with an amazing lender that can guide you through the financing process.  Let’s do this!!

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