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I believe home-ownership is one of, if not the, single most empowering experience and opportunity in our life.

And it is my passion to empower women to become home owners.  Whether it be first time home-buyers, divorced women starting over, widows transitioning or downsizing, or that step up from starter  to dream……Whatever that “next step” is or this new season, it’s helpful to have a coach and a guide….


5 Tips For Single Women During A Real Estate Transaction

Did you know that while more single women own homes than single men, they pay more and sell for less?   There are several factors that contribute to this disparity, and I’m here to make sure we help you get the best price when you buy and sell.  Read below for more information on how we can bridge this gap!

Here's How We Can Work Together

A real estate transaction is one of the biggest purchases most people will make in their life.  It can be unfamiliar, maybe intimidating, and has many moving parts.  Most people NEED a trusted advisor, leader and expert, to hold their hand along the way.  It is my goal to educate and coach my clients about the process, the transaction, the local market and all the pieces and details in a way that empowers them to make the best decisions, keeps them focused on their goals and dreams, and minimizes the fear and uncertainty that can often arise with surprises.  I want my clients to know what to expect before it happens, to trust in me and the process, and to know I have their back every step of the way!  Whether buying or selling here in Colorado, or relocating to our beautiful state, I’m your girl!  Let’s chat!


So you’re ready to own your OWN home!? Congratulations, that’s amazing!  Let’s do this!


So it’s time to sell? Move up, down size, start over? Let’s talk about the next step!


So you’re gonna do it? Move to this most amazing state? Let’s chat about your perfect place!


“There’s No Place Like Home.”

‒ Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz

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The next step in this journey is to just connect with me.  This can be done face to face, virtually or over the phone.  We will just chat about where you want to be headed, your goals, dreams, needs, wants etc.  And we will put together a step by step plan on how to get there! 

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